1966 Grey Stallion
Bred by Michalow Stud, Poland
Measurements: 151-178-18
Race Record: 3/21 (7-4-1-3)
Polish Chief Sire
A strong bodied son of the famous Michalow broodmatron Daszawa, DAMBOR was used over five seasons at Michalow, Janow Podlaski and in the private stud of renowned Polish artist Anna Debska. His solid pedigree combined Comet, Nabor, Wielki Szlem and Amurath Sahib, four of the most important sires in Polish Arabian breeding. He left a handful of daughters in Poland that established families: Zadra in Poland and Sweden, Markiza and Fara in Bulgaria, Wena, Potenza and Dalmacja in the US, and Maranta in the private studs of Poland. Two of his sons were used as sires: Eryk in Sweden and Malachit in the United States.
Sire of:
Polish National Champion Mare
Swedish Chief Sire
Grandsire of:
Bulgarian Chief Sire